Home Sellers Check-list

Deciding to sell your home is a big undertaking and you can become overwhelmed quickly. Start planning early and use a check-list to help the entire process go more smoothly.

Some actions you can start early on are:

  • Begin to remove possessions you don’t use. Give things away, donate them, sell some items or throw things out.
  • Pack early – decide what you will not use before moving day and pack them way.
  • Inspect your home thoroughly looking for imperfections and problem areas.
  • Get your home in showroom condition. Stage the rooms for maximum impact.
  • What goes and what stays with the house when it sells? The traditional items that go with the house are usually appliances, but it’s not a written rule.
  • Depending on your situation, you may want to consider beginning to look for your new home. Generally a home seller is encouraged to wait until they’re confident their existing home is progressing toward a closing, but if time isn’t a luxury start your search.

Interior Improvements and Updates Check-List

Do a walkthrough your home, does it need improvements? Could any areas use updates? For maximum value a little attention to detail can help sell your home for your asking price. 

Check for Needed Repairs

  • loose hinges
  • burnt out light bulbs
  • loose door knobs
  • loose curtain brackets
  • broken moldings
  • leaky faucets
  • sliding closet doors off tracks
  • carpet not secured
  • cracked outlet covers

Clean and Shiny

  • keep appliances clean and shiny at all times
  • sweep and vacuum regularly
  • clean and spot clean carpets
  • wash down any dirty walls, doorways, cabinets and fixtures
  • depersonalize and de-clutter


  • keep things neutral but appealing
  • be objective – your bold taste won’t appeal to all buyers


  • walls, trim and window sills
  • cabinet doors
  • interior doors

Exterior Improvements and Updates Check-List

Take a walk around the outside of your home, are improvements needed? The outside is the first impression. Make it stand out. Remember, you’re trying to attract buyers to your home. Improving your homes curb appeal can go a long way in selling your home fast and for maximum value. 

Lawn Care

  • groom the yard – keep the grass cut, edge the lawn, trim the hedges and shrubs, clean out any dead flowers
  • water the lawn
  • trim trees
  • plant flowers, shrubs, a tree(s)
  • sweep sidewalks daily
  • clean the yard of any debris

Check for Needed Repairs or Replacements

  • mailbox repair or replacement
  • secure loose house numbers
  • attach gutters securely
  • secure shutters
  • update or replace flowerboxes
  • is the entryway in good shape


  • front door
  • trim
  • banisters
  • porch
  • garage door
  • fence
  • gate

The Closing Check-List

This list would be used once all your personal belongings have been removed from the house to ensure nothing is forgotten.

  • retain all disclosures, contracts, and addendums
  • attend the final walkthrough
  • cancel all home insurance policies
  • transfer or cancel all utilities
  • stop the newspaper
  • forward all mail to your new address
  • leave all the keys that belong to the property
  • check all storage areas, closets and drawers

A bit of comfort for you is, knowing you’ll get through it. There grass will be greener on the other side. It can be a long stressful process, but using a home seller’s check-list will help ease the hiccups that come with selling a home.

For more useful tips on how using a check-list can make selling your home painless and flawless, call me today at (734) 637-3668.

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