Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal in Livingston County

When the time comes to put a house on the market, the best way to increase your home’s value is by improving the homes curb appeal. This is your opportunity to make a great first impression and set the tone for the rest of the home’s appeal. There are many small, inexpensive home improvements to a home’s exterior for an instant facelift that will go a long way in terms of appeal and asking price. Something to keep in mind when planning what to do next is the budget and amount of work involved, and make sure it’s manageable in the timeframe. Not only will this increase the value, but it shows buyers the owner maintains the property; a plus for both buyer and seller.

Which Improvements Give the Most Curb Appeal?

Painting – Front Door, Trim, Porch, Shutters, Mailbox
Is the home’s curb appeal selling it, or killing the sale? The exterior of a house can make a buyer fall in love with it, or keep it sitting on the market waiting for the person willing to put a lot of effort in to spruce it up. Giving a facelift to a new home can be a major concern for a buyer when they may already be stretching their budget to move into their dream home. It’s much easier to get a buyer to sign on the dotted line if they know it’s one less thing to worry about.

For an inexpensive, positive impact and better results, revive the curb appeal with some fresh paint on the front door, trim, porch, shutters, mailbox, etc. It will accent its features, make the house stand out and bring it back to life. Something potential buyers will notice and appreciate.

Repair a Curb’s Appeal
If a garage door needs repair, then repair it. If the house numbers are aren’t aligned right and need to be secured, then secure them. If shutters are damaged, then repair them. Take inventory of what a buyer sees when they will first see the home. A seller should make a list and repair what is doable within their budget.

What Should Be Upgraded?
Consider replacing numbers on the house, the mailbox or its numbers, planters, flower boxes, broken pavers, exterior light fixtures, doorknobs, handles, etc. is a good idea. If a garage door needs replacing, then replace it. Potential buyers are inspecting at everything closely and will notice.

Bring In Something New to Add to Curb Appeal
Is something missing? Could there be more to the look of the house? Is there an inexpensive way to highlight a home’s characters? If so, consider installing inexpensive solar lighting along paths. Plant a tree, flowers, or shrubs to fill empty spots. Make the house look inviting.

A Little Money Can Boost Curb Appeal
It is a smart idea for the seller to determine what their budget is. They can then take into consideration what a home needs most and go from there. Take some time and determine what makes sense.
Improving your homes curb appeal can go a long way to selling your home fast and for maximum value. 

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